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Slide 0: 8 Oz. Leather Lotion
Andrew Marc
8 Oz. Leather Lotion
Item 558214
With Andrew Marc Leather Lotion, you can rest easy knowing your cherished leather goods will be nourished, protected, and lasting for many more wears to come. Knowing just what it takes to keep your garments looking sharp, we bring our unique expertise to each of our Total Leather Care products.
Slide 1: 5.5 Oz. Aerosol Protector
Andrew Marc
5.5 Oz. Aerosol Protector
Item 558215
Keep your garments protected against the elements and looking brand new with our signature Andrew Marc Leather & Suede Protector. Acclaimed for our leather outerwear, Andrew Marc brings you only the best to take care of your favorite leather garments. 
Slide 2: 4 Oz. Desalter
Andrew Marc
4 Oz. Desalter
Item 558217
Wearing your favorite Andrew Marc coat every day can take its toll on the leather, especially when winter weather hits. Safely remove those pesky stains from rain, snow, ice, and salt from your cherished leather garments with our signature Andrew Marc Desalter. 
Slide 3: Suede Brush
Andrew Marc
Suede Brush
Item 558218
Use the Andrew Marc Suede Brush to easily clean and brush up the nap in any of your valued suede. Keep all of your leather and suede garments looking like they did the day you bought them.
Slide 4: 4.5 Oz. Mink Oil
Andrew Marc
4.5 Oz. Mink Oil
Item 558216
To easily condition and waterproof your leather jacket, use our signature Andrew Marc Mink Oil. With Andrew Marc's unsurpassed knowledge of leather care, you're in the right hands with our line of Total Leather Care products. 

Leather Care: Lotion & Oil

Love your leather? Then let's take good care of it. With proper protection and maintenance, your leather should last almost a lifetime. We have every essential you need to extend the life of your favorite leather jackets, bags, shoes and more. Stock up on a selection leather care supplies, including leather lotion and oil, to ensure that the leather products you love last longer than previous pieces.